ODOMZO is widely covered across Medicare and commercial plans

Three options to help your eligible patients access ODOMZO:

Patient Assistance Program

  • Helps eligible underinsured and uninsured patients receive ODOMZO (sonidegib)

Specialty Pharmacy (SP)

  • Processes patient and prescription details via a prescription enrollment form
  • Verifies patient’s insurance benefits and determines whether a prior authorization is required
  • Coordinates payment and follow‑up to ensure patient receives ODOMZO

Specialty Distributor
(SD) – GPO/Health
Systems/Hospitals Only

  • Provides flexible and efficient delivery of ODOMZO for dispensing practices
  • For contact information of ODOMZO SDs, click here

Sun Pharma and CoverMyMeds® are working together to expedite the prior authorization process to help your patients receive their ODOMZO therapy as prescribed. For more information, contact CoverMyMeds at 1-866-452-5017.

Co-pay program for eligible commercially insured patients

  • Patients can activate this card by calling 1-877-ODOMZO-1
    or visiting www.activatethecard.com/7436

  • Maximum benefit of up to $15,000 per calendar year on your patients’ ODOMZO prescription. Limitations apply. See full terms and conditions below. This offer is not valid under Medicare, Medicaid, or any other federal or state program. We reserve the right to rescind, revoke, or amend this program without notice


Terms and Conditions

To participate in the ODOMZO® (sonidegib) Co-Pay Program ("Program"), you must present this card, along with a valid prescription for ODOMZO®, to your pharmacist. Patients with commercial health insurance who qualify to participate can pay as little as $10 per month, with a maximum annual benefit of $15,000 per calendar year. Enrollment is subject to the Eligibility Rules and Terms and Conditions, stated below. If you have any questions regarding Eligibility, the Terms and Conditions, or to discontinue participation, please call 1-877-ODOMZO-1 (1-877-636-6961) (8:00 AM-8:00 PM EST, Monday-Friday).

Eligibility Rules: To participate in this Program, you must have commercial health insurance and be a resident of the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, or the Virgin Islands. The following patients are ineligible for this Program: Patients covered under Medicaid (including Medicaid patients enrolled in a Medicaid Managed Care Plan or a qualified health plan purchased through a health insurance exchange marketplace established by a state government or the federal government); Patients covered by Medicare, a Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage plan (regardless of whether a specific prescription is covered); Patients covered by TRICARE, CHAMPUS, Puerto Rico Government Health Insurance Plan or any other state or federal medical or pharmaceutical benefit program or pharmaceutical assistance program; Patients with no insurance.

Terms and Conditions You agree not to seek any reimbursement for all or any part of the co-pay assistance received through the Program. By using this card, you are certifying that you understand the Eligibility Rules and Terms and Conditions, that you have responded truthfully to questions when activating the card, and that you will disclose and report your receipt of any Program benefits to your insurer, health plan, or any third party that pays or reimburses you for the cost of medications, if required. This offer may be rescinded, revoked or cancelled at any time without further notice and the rules may be amended at any time without further notice. Disclosures: This Program is not insurance. The Program is void where prohibited by law, taxed, or restricted. Any benefit provided is not transferable and cannot be combined with any other program, free trial, discount, prescription savings card, or other offer. No purchase other than for an ODOMZO® prescription, is required to participate. Personal data that you provide to the Program may be collected, analyzed, and shared with the program sponsor for market research and other lawful purposes but only in aggregated and de-identified form.

ODOMZO SUPPORTTM Patient Assistance Program (PAP)

Sun Pharma is committed to helping eligible patients obtain ODOMZO

Patients who are underinsured or uninsured may be eligible to receive free medication.* To get your patients started with the Patient Assistance Program, download and complete the ODOMZO SUPPORT™ Patient Assistance Program Application.

*Income documentation is required. Subject to terms and conditions. Available to US, Guam, Virgin Islands, or Puerto Rico residents only.

Phone: 1-844-5-ODOMZO (1-844-563-6696)

Fax: 1-877-872-6575

Use this form to enroll your patients in the ODOMZO SUPPORT™ PAP.

Download a PDF.


For more information on patient access and insurance coverage, download the ODOMZO SUPPORT™ Resource Guide.

Download a PDF.

ODOMZO access via a Specialty Distributor

Sun Pharma has contracted leading Specialty Distributors to offer the flexibility and efficiency of delivering ODOMZO directly to your office. These Specialty Distributors offer a wide range of services and support to help you provide ODOMZO to your patients.